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Fales are lovely beach accommodation

It is possible to stay in everything from posh hotel to tent. You can stay in such types of accommodation anywhere in the world. Samoa offers the chance to stay in a fale. It is the traditional way of living after all. It is an open sided single room structure with a thatched roof. The advantage is that you can feel cool air at night and it is also a shady place to rest when you feel hot. You have coconut weaved walls that can be rolled down if it is wet or if you would like some privacy. I just got dressed in the bathroom and kept the fales I stayed in open.

I especially liked these fales:

Namua Island Fales
Litia Fales
Tafua Fales

The tourist office in Apia can book any fale for you and the chance is it will be on a special sandy beach.

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