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Happy Hour at a different bar each evening

Sandbar Photo, Aruba, Caribbean

One of the happy times at Aruba was our quick evening stop at various bars on the island. Almost every bar we visited was conveniently located right on the beach. After a day of relaxing and before heading out to dinner, we would select a bar to visit. Each bar had a large menu of specialty frozen drinks as well as the old standards.

The bar we visited the most – Sandbar
This beach bar was conveniently located for us (two "hotels" away at Bucuti’s), and we stopped at least three times. Happy Hour was from 4 to 6pm, and the frozen drinks were ½ off (approximately $4.00 each during Happy Hour). I sampled several, including mudslide, banana colada, and my favorite, Anne Bonny! Most everyone loved the friendly atmosphere of the bar, and most evenings, the bar had more patrons than other beach bars in the area. Each evening, we enjoyed listening to the steel drums entertainment. Management also provided free munchies. What more can you ask for?
The most unusual bar - Charlie’s A friend of mine had told me that if I went to Aruba, I had to visit Charlie’s. This bar was not convenient to where we were staying (it is outside San Nichols), but on one of our sightseeing trips, we made a slight detour to find the bar. Unusual is one word to describe the bar. While we were sipping our beers, we had plenty of stuff hanging from the ceiling to look at. I have never seen so much memorabilia in a bar! Every spot of the walls, ceiling, bar, windows, etc., is covered with something. Lots of signs are prominently displayed and they are funny. Even the signs outside the bar are hysterical. I took a few pictures of the interior and exterior because only a picture can truly describe the uniqueness of the place. One final note - the jukebox is very old.
The closest bar for us – Tortuga (at Aruba Beach Club) One nice element of this bar is that it is Happy Hour all the time! I sampled quite a few of the frozen drinks, including a pina colada, Nutty Monkey, and strawberry daiquiri. The bartender, Andre, was very friendly, and I especially appreciated that he turned the TV channel to the President’s Cup (golf) so I could continue watching the sudden-death playoff. After several holes, the captains agreed to end as a tie!

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