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A visit to the Vet.

Tickets: I'd purchased a couple of 600 level seats via the Phillies web site a few days earlier, so we visited the "will call" windows and walked straight up to the S-Z line where I had my ducats in less than a minute. It was now time to enter the stadium.

Driving: with two stadiums currently under construction, the drive to Veteran's Stadium is more of a hassle than usual. Making the situation worse, the Phillies new ballpark is being built on the Vet's existing parking lot. Still, it only took about 10 or 15 minutes to make our way into a parking lot. $8 later, we were parking the car and on our way. The biggest hassle was having to walk about three blocks through construction and traffic to actually get to the Vet.

Some general observations on Veteran's Stadium. While this ballpark has a reputation for being a dump, that's more the viewpoint of the guys who have to play there. We've been going to games at the place for years, and I've always felt it wasn't all that bad a place for the fans. Seats are reasonably priced, you generally have good sight lines and a little bit of leg room (as compared to say Giants Stadium which shoe horns you into kiddie sized seats).

My biggest grip about the place is a ballpark should have some kind of signature food. Here the general stadium fare is comparable to a grade school cafeteria's. While "Philly" franks are sold in local grocery stores, I've never understood why, because as far as hot dogs go, they are at best mediocre. Other stadium offerings are no better. The good news is you can still bring your own food into this ballpark, something that won't be allowed in the new Eagles stadium next year.

Security by the way has tightened at the Vet, but has not gotten onerous. You can still bring a bag in with you, although I've been told they're not allowing large backpacks. Lisa had a medium sized beach style bag. She was asked to let security inspect its contents, but that was it.

Oh yeah, the Philly Fanatic is just as entertaining as ever and the ballpark goes to some effort to entertain the fans with various events and contests during the course of the game. Fans are treated to some kind of freebie at just about every game I've gone to the past few years (no, I don't search for giveaway games).

The Vet won't be around much longer. While plans for the new Phillies ballpark are impressive, I wonder if people realize they're going to be losing a pretty good deal in the existing stadium. My advice is to check this arena out while it's still here, and by all means, try the stadium restaurant.

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