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Edisto Island

We began going to Fairfield Ocean Ridge on Edisto Island many years ago. Our four daughters were lots younger then and believe it or not, they enjoyed just being there as a family. Even when they became teenagers, they never complained when it came time to go because that was one place they loved. They are all married now and this past December (we own the 52nd week of the year, at Sea Oaks), my husband and I were the only ones that went. At least one of the girls called every night to see what we'd done that day and they hated to think that we were there without them.

Every year we always wait until the last day there and then we have our "annual" game of miniature golf. We keep score and really make a big deal out of who the winner is for that year, and everyone vows to be next year's winner!

One of our favorite things to do is to go out to Bay Point and watch the dolphins and see the beautiful sunsets. It is so quiet and peaceful and really puts you in touch with what's important in the world.

Several years ago we met and made friends with someone who works at Fairfield Ocean Ridge and we now consider him a member of our "family". Everyone we've had contact with who works there is friendly and helpful.

I love to explore the old cemetaries on the island and learn about the local history. There is so much you can learn in an old cemetary. The girls didn't particularly enjoy that part of the trip, but they always went with me. This past summer one of my daughters went on vacation with her husband and son, and guess where she went? She visited an old cemetary! She said she's turning into her mother! If I could step back in time, Edisto Island is one place I would love to visit when it was in its hey-day.

We've stayed at Fairfield Ocean Ridge in the summer, but we truly enjoy being there in the winter. It's a nice quiet place to unwind after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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