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The Wedding

Before the Wedding Photo, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

If you get the opportunity to attend a Javanese wedding you simply must go. Even if you do not feel you know the couple well, please go!

There are a couple of reasons for this:
1. Indonesian people invite everyone they know to their weddings, however remote the relationship.
2. Acceptance of an invitation and then not going is considered a great insult.
3. It is a great chance to experience Indonesian culture at its grass roots, ie the family.

All guests at my brother's wedding were required to wear traditional Javanese costume: handmade Batik Sarongs, lace tops for the women, and black jackets with ceremonial daggers for the men. This dress is traditional for all religious traditions!

The bride and groom are festooned with jasmine flowers woven together as hair ornaments and garlands.

If you are interested in the cultures of other lands this is a must!!

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