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Nashville's Parthenon

We didn't know this was here until we arrived and I really wanted to check it out. The girls were glued to the Country Music on the TV and I prepared to go without them. They did relent and we were all pleased with what we found.

The Parthenon is the world's only full scale reproduction of the Grecian temple and was built for the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition of 1897 of temporary materials. However, the populace liked it so much, they couldn't tear it down and are replacing each part with more durable materials with huge bronze doors at each end weighing 15 tons apiece. It stands very majestically in lovely Centennial Park.

Inside is a statue of Athena which is over 30' tall and very impressive. There was an art exhibition which didn't do too much for us (too modern for my taste), but the gift shop was outstanding offering replicas of several ancient Grecian sculptures and a nice variety of art books. It would have been impossible to leave there emptyhanded.

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