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Taipei MRT

Taipei MRT Photo, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei MRT has brought some welcomed relief to the heavily congested traffic of Taipei. There is still a lot of stop-and-go and backed up traffic during heavy commute times. It's helped by reducing the amount of motor scooters on the road and its associated pollution. The MRT routes is heavily utilized by the people.

We purchased a day pass for NT$150, but this is not recommended. We had to show the pass at a designated gate for entry and exit, which is less convenient than buying a regular ticket and using any available fare gate.

You purchase the regular fare ticket by first looking at the start and end destinations to determine your fare, then selecting how many ticket(s) to dispense, depositing your money, and taking your ticket(s). The MRT helps getting around Taipei. It’s easier, cheaper, and cleaner.

Hours: 6am-midnight

Address: 7, Lane 48, Sec.2, Zhongshan N Rd., Taipei, TW

Phone: 0800-033-068, Fax: 2511-5003

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