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HNL - Honolulu International Airport

HNL Honolulu
Airport consists of the Main Overseas Terminal, which serves most of the traffic, with shops, restaurants, a bank, and an ATM. This terminal serves gates 6-34; Makai Pier serves Gates 49-53; Interisland terminal serves gates 54-66 and has some shops, food, and an ATM; and the Commuter Terminal serves gates 71-80.

There were shower and sleeping facilities available at the airport. My partner used them before continuing on with your flight. These services were eliminated due to security concerns.

Visitor information booths are located in baggage claim areas, outside the foreign arrivals’ area, in the Interisland Terminal, near Gate 22, and on both ends of the main lobby. Hours: 4am-1am, phone: (808) 836-6413.

Ground transportation includes shuttles, taxis, car rentals, or TheBus, which is Honolulu's public bus transportation. From the airport, take a no. 19 or 20 to Waikiki. The last bus leaving the airport to Waikiki is 11:45pm weekdays and 11:15pm weekends. From Waikiki the first bus is 4:50am weekdays and 5:25am weekends, about 20 minutes apart during the day and 30 minutes apart evenings, allow about 1 hour and 10 minutes travel time.

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