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Four Main Legends Not To Be Missed in Huangshan

A Well Combination Photo, Anhui, China

Huangshan is a legend to the Chinese. It is one of the best and respected mountains by the people of China. Tourists visiting Huangshan will be told by the local guide that there are four main things in this mountain that have made it such a reputable mountain in China, even in the world.

1. Odd-gestured Pine
Huangshan’s odd-gestured pines take root deep in the rocky crevices and they display 1,001 postures. Among the 1,001 postures, Yingke Song (the Welcoming Guest Pine) is the outstanding one. Its boughs out-stretching like arms welcoming guests to the mountain. Yingke Song is at the Yuping Feng (Jade Screen Peak) on the western route.

2. Grotesque Rocks
Besides pines, the grotesque rocks have made Huangshan famous too. These fantastic rocks were created by the nature. Among them, the famous ones are Feilai Shi (Flying Over Rock), Houzi Guan Hai (A Monkey Watching the Sea), Shiba Luahan Chao Nanhai (18 Arhats Facing the South Sea), and Xianren Chai Gaoqiao (Immortal Walking on Stilts).

However, all these grotesque rocks need extreme imagination to see the shape of them. Thus, having a guide along the way is indeed a good help as they will practically point out what is what along the way. Besides the famous one all listed on the tour map, there are also a few smaller ones (some are just stones) that have great stories behind too. Most of them are deeply related to the Chinese legends and fairytales that you might have heard of from somewhere else.

3. Sea of Clouds
As the Huangshan Mountains Range is high and dense with lush forest with a lot of rainfall all year round, it is well wrapped in misty clouds in all four seasons. Therefore, Huangshan is also called Yunhai (Sea of Clouds). These seas of clouds are vast and misty, billowing and surging. It veils the valleys and mountains by showing only the peaks.

Millions of people visit Huangshan to indulge in the Sea of Clouds while enjoying the beautiful sides of the mountain at the same time.

4. Hot Spring
Huangshan's Hot Spring flows steadily in all weathers and constantly keeps the temperature at 42ºC. The spring water is not only suitable for bathing but is also said to be effective in curing various skin diseases and the nervous system.

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