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A'Famosa Animal World Safari

The Elephant Show Photo, Malacca/Melaka, Malaysia

Many people stop at Alor Gajah on the way to Melaka. This is the place where the locals call it - "A'Famosa Resort."

A'Famosa Resort consists of a resort, in the forms of bungalow and apartment, a golf course, an Animal World Safari, a Water World, a Cowboy Town and a Flying Club. This gated community along the highway provides a lot of local and overseas visitor the enjoyment of having all in a place.

However, our trip only allowed us to spend 4 hours in the Animal World Safari.

Entrance Fee with Unlimited Rides and Shows:
Adult: RM59.00
Child: RM49.00
Entrance Fee with Unlimited Rides and Shows for MALAYSIAN:
Adult: RM32.00
Child: RM25.00
Operating Hour: 9.00am - 7.00pm daily

Located on 150-acre piece of fine land, the Animal World Safari houses over 100 species of animals. It lets you encounter the wildlife in the closest possible condition - in a gated truck!

Take this ride with experienced tour guide to share with you the different types of animals and their origins along the journey. You will start off with seeing some camels, ostriches, giraffes and spotted deer followed by lions, tigers, bears and a lot of other species. The entire journey takes about half an hour.

There are four shows scheduled every day for you to experience how intelligent animals are when they are well trained. Enjoy the Elephant Show, the Multi-Animal Show, the Bird Show and the Wild Wild West Cowboy Show!

There are some walk-through areas where you can touch the animals, like ponies and horses, flamingos and many others. The area is well landscaped and perfect for a slow and relaxing walk.

You can also take cruise to the Monkey Island, located in the middle of a lake. The islet has a few different types of monkeys, squirrels and wild chickens. You can feed them with food provided by the ground staffs during mealtime.

The last stop should be at the Farm House, which is like a petting zoo. It houses chickens, goats, sheep, geese and ducks and others like the green iguana, cats and dogs. This is the zone where you can play with some of the animals and touch them if you like.

Overall, it's a well-covered World Safari which offers excellent experience for animal lovers!

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