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A trip up the Cape

Cable Ferry Photo, Port Douglas, Australia

After our morning fishing on the Daintree, we decided to head north up to Cape Tribulation. We caught the cable ferry across the Daintree (A$7 each way per family vehicle) and crosses the river every 20 minutes. The main road takes you along a forest lined windy road that climbs a steep ridge and wends it’s way down the other side. At its peak, there is a fabulous spot to pull over and check out the most amazing view of the Daintree river feeding into the Coral Sea.

At the base of the mountain is a small (blink and you miss it) town called "Cow". Here we stopped and filled our styrofoam box with ice to chill down our catch. Just down the road a little further we came across the "Daintree Ice Cream Company" -- you must stop here and sample their amazing flavoured ice cream. For only A$4, you get four big scoops of ice cream in a tub, each a different flavour -– we had coconut (which had fresh shredded coconut meat), wattleseed (uniquely Australian), passion fruit, and delicious mango –- we were in heaven!

Licking our fingers and wishing we could take home a tub of wattleseed ice cream, we hit the road again. Passing the Daintree tea plantation, avocado, and tropical fruit plantations the odd backpackers hostel and lots of bush! We eventually came to the end of the road, and found ourselves at Cape Tribulation . . . where the rainforest meets the reef, and it truly does.

Parking our car under the rainforest canopy, we headed for the beach along the path we came across German tourists delightedly photographing a tree snake winding its way up a tree. The board walk offers an enjoyable 10 minute walk along the cliff to a look out over the bay. This is where you come to realy get away from it all –- not a building in sight!

On the way home we pulled in to "Café by the Sea", for a late lunch. We were starving from our activities and tucked into a huge burger and chips, while sitting at a bar overlooking the sea -– what a nice way to finish the day!

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