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Varkerulet and around

Maria Column Photo, Sopron, Hungary

Outside the inner city and around the walls fortified it, there is some pleasant squares and a circular road, named Ogabona ter, Petofi ter, Szechenyi ter and Varkerulet.

Ogabona (old Corn-Market) and Petofi ter have some medieval houses at their sides and a lot of parking places, useful for visiting them and the inner city, as the distance is near.

Szechenyi ter is very pleasant with a lot of green for rest of walking through the beautiful streets and hosts the bronze statue of Count Istvan Szechenyi. At the southeast end is the Domonkos templom (Dominican church), a handsome example of late baroque.

Varkerulet is the main commercial street of Sopron. Its buildings are from different eras. While some of those in the outer row are from Middle Ages that of the inner row were constructed only after the fortifications lost their importance and the moat had been filled in. Varkerulet can be divided into several different sections; each of them takes its name of the main commercial activity carried there. At the northern part of Varkerulet we can see the Maria column that dates from 1745 at the site of Boldogasszony templom (Church of the Blessed Virgin), demolished in 1592.

Farther outside Varkerulet, the districts acquire their name by the direction of the main road leading through them, e.g. to the north Becs (after Vienna). The most significant places here is Szent Mihaly utca at the north, with Szent Mihaly templom (St Michaels Church) at the highest point of Sopron, Deak ter with memorials of the World War II at the south and the Lovers Hills, a recreational area with luxury villas and hotels.

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