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Why We Love it Here... Photo, Maui, Hawaii

...and it's going to take awhile. So I thought it best that I do this in increments. There is just too much information to give in one segment!

We live part-time on Maui now, and every time we visit, I find more new things to share with travelers. I have been visiting Maui for the past 16 years and have made well over 40-50 trips there. And still, every time I go, I am fascinated all over again, like when I was there on my first visit in 1989.

We now own our own condo, clear and free, in addition to a timeshare down the road at another resort.

ok- We used to visit the west side of the island on our first few vacations in Maui (1989-1994). Since that time, however, we have found so many things we love about the Kihei/Wailea area, in addition to the Ia'O Valley, Pukalani, and up country. Of course, it doesn't take one long to fall in love with this island, nor does it take too long to drive to other parts of the island. We chose Kihei as our main vacation area because the snorkeling and the beaches seem to be so much nicer than the west side. The weather is usually warmer, and the south part of the island gets only 12-14 inches of rain per year. Ka'anapali and Lahaina are ok to visit for a day or two,(MY opinion), but the area is so crowded and the traffic horrendous. Be advised that there are still two lane roads in some areas, so getting around can often take a bit of your time. Here are some places and activities I would suggest you experience, if only once: 1. A nice luau 2. I'ao Valley National Park 3. The Tropical Plantation 4. Kula Botanical Gardens 5. Downtown Lahaina 6. Kapalua area 7. Drive the NOrth road around the island 8. Hana(some areas are nicer than others) 9. Ahi'i Marine Preserve past Makena 10. A rafting trip to Lanai'i 12. Maui Ocean Center 13. The Maui bumper Boats/(across from the ocean center) 14. Dinner at Leilani's on the Beach, Ka'anapali. 15. EAT A SLICE OF HULA PIE. to DIE for! SNORKELING,BOOGIE BOARDING, SUNSETS SUNRISE at Haleakala, and don't forget to just R-E-L-A-X. For families traveling with at least 2 or more children I suggest a roomy condominium. You can save $$ eating some meals in, You have the space to spread out and relax, tvs usually have vcrs or dvd players, more relaxing for not only young kids and teens, but parents AND grandparents. To be continued....

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