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The Night the Lights Went Out at the Cape!!

One of the more interesting aspects of our shortened vacation this time around was the night before our trip back to North Central Massachusetts. Around 5:00 PM on the 3rd of December, 2003, we suddenly lost our lights and everything else which is powered by electricity. This proved to be very instructive to everyone concerned.

First of all, we discovered that our timeshare/resort - Beachside Village - had not adequately prepared for this, in that many of their "emergency light" batteries had not been updated. And as we had been the only ones vacationing in the particular building we were in, we had some interesting journeys up and down the stairs. We own the penthouse on the top of the building overlooking the ocean, but even those emergency lights only lasted so long.

We couldn't get in touch with any staff, as the phones were out, and trying to get a local radio station's news was useless, because the local AM Falmouth station was down as well. The only other station was an FM station and they never reported on the blackout.

For about two hours, we sang songs, and played these little games with a one flashlight and fading emergency lights, and then we discovered that a woman who lived in the building next to us decided to come to our building looking for some companionship. She was also alone. Like I said earlier in this travel journal, we were vacationing "Off Season." Come to find out, this lady was by herself, and she was from the town next to ours - Ashburnham, Massachusetts - so...we struck up a great little friendship and kept each other company. Our little girls had a pretty interesting time as well.

Within 15 minutes of our neighbor coming over to visit us, we then saw the lights begin to come back on from our vantage point from across the ocean in Martha's Vineyard, and then locally to Falmouth. The following day, as we returned to our home in Winchendon, we discovered that there had been literally thousands of residents without power on this particular evening, and there were many theories why, from local terrorist (which was untrue), to a problem with the local power supply (very much true). All in all, one of the highlights of our vacation.

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