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Bonaventure Resort

I needed a vacation that would not break my bank, so I decided to go "anywhere" my budget would take me. Even with the rise in airline tickets, the Ft Lauderdale airport seems to be a location I am able to find great rates, so I knew Florida would probably be the place. Last Call provided me with a $99 studio at Bonaventure, and Spirit Airlines offered round-trip tickets of $116 per person (this includes taxes). Thanks to relentless searching, I found an economy vehicle (Ford Focus) for $189 (includes taxes and unlimited miles) at an off-site location near the airport. My vacation was going to cost me and my husband $520 for a full week--I was delighted!

I read the opinions of others who have visited Bonaventure, some good, others not so positive. I decided on Bonaventure because even if the resort wasn’t impressive, I knew that I had a rental car and was in Florida for just $520; it was worth the risk. The resort was clean and the representatives were friendly. However, the resort lacked activities and restaurants. Everyone is directed to a new plaza in the local community for meals or the 40-minute drive to the town’s mall. The resort doesn’t even have a restaurant on-site. For golfers they do have a course, but since we don’t golf, it did us no good. We elected to drive out of the area and spent most of our time in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, which wasn’t far.

My worst experience was navigating through the resort. All of the housing areas are far from the main registration building and the resort lacked signs. The resort provided a map, but it was totally off-scale, making it very difficult to find your way. I have never had a problem finding a location with a map—that is, until I arrived at Bonaventure. When I spoke with the receptionist, she informed me that others have also complained, yet they have failed to fix it.

On a brighter note, my best experience was when I checked out. No, it wasn’t because I was leaving, but because a receptionist was waiting right outside the elevator to take our key, allowing us to leave straight from our room without having to stop elsewhere to check out--quick, easy, and first-rate. I don’t know if I would go back, but all in all it wasn’t a bad experience.

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