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QM2 Likes/Dislikes

QM2 Lobby Photo,

Like: Very stable ship, very little roll and pitch felt.
Dislike: When the big waves hit the bed, it felt like someone dropped a quarter in the Magic Fingers box, lots of vibrations.

Like: Able to book excursions and order room service 24/7 or movies from your room TV. You can read excursion descriptions and view your already booked itinerary.
Dislike: The room service menu is limited, but nice. Not sure if you can get your regular Britannia dinner served in your room; you would have to run to the restaurant to see the menu if you could. The movies are pay-per-view except a select few they show continuously (most that already have been on TV). No mention of excursion times or meeting places on the TV.

Like: You can get a wake-up call and send/receive email from your room.
Dislike: Since they have your itinerary, why don't they leave an automatic reminder on your phone telling you where and when to meet??? Email costs $1.50 a pop, not bad if you list 10 names separated by commas to send one letter to. Just be sure to warn your recipients not to send you one back, or it will cost you $1.50 to read each reply.

Like: The room was comfy and elegant. Lots of throw pillows and a duvet at night (maybe a little warm for the Caribbean, but probably nice for an Atlantic crossing). We were able to stow three suitcases under the bed. There is a nice safe, easy to operate. The bathroom had a shower with a removable handheld nozzle, no tub. There was a hairdryer, two robes, a full-length mirror, they brought an ice bucket on request. The room was bright when the lights were on and very dark otherwise, allowing us to sleep late. Be careful not to oversleep! We weren't bothered by any noises.
Dislike: When they turn down the beds, they need room to put all the pillows and the bed cover, this causes a little crowding. They have two extra life jackets in the closet over the bed for some unknown reason. The room was smaller than I expected, just a chair instead of a sofa.

Like: I liked the gourmet truffles after dinner, the tea service at 3pm. They were serving huge glasses of orange juice at breakfast, maybe more than you need. The little snack bar on the top deck had a great selection of regular food, hot dogs, pizza, chili, burgers, salad, slaw, onion rings, coffee... Yeah, I'm not complaining about the food, there was plenty and all very good. The Lotus restaurant was a lot of fun, it served small portions of a lot of things.
Dislike: Some people did have problems with dinner, not the food quality or prep, but with the service. Service was very slow and disorganized to start with, but got a little better by the end of the cruise. We actually had six people assigned to our four-person table. Someone in second seating dinner said one night they ran out of everything except the chicken. While they were serving 12oz glasses of OJ in the main dining room the day of departure, the buffet ran out of OJ. Someone told me that they ordered the food each day separately for each restaurant, and when out they couldn't get more that day. The Kings Court four buffet stations become sit-down at night; therefore there isn't a casual buffet you can go to. The Kings Court is wonderful in its variety and quality of dining, but it is bisected by the main walkway on both sides. This makes it a little crowded and hard to navigate around people going in all directions. It was hard to find assistance if you needed someone to help you. At crowded times, you sometimes had to wander all over looking for a place to sit. And it's a big area! OH, before I forget, in the Lotus Restaurant there are three sauces on the table – soy, wasabi, and HOT!HOT!HOT! Be careful, they don't warn you.

Like: I liked the variety of sports, entertainment, lounges, theaters, pools, restaurants, nooks and crannies. My husband and I love to explore, and this ship kept us plenty busy. We missed the ship tours, but I think we found most everything.
Dislike: With all this space, I still felt crowded in the main theater, and there wasn't much shade on the top deck, so people sat in chairs on the promenade. This left the little snack bar almost always empty, no one was up there unless they wanted a lot of sun and wind! Furthermore, it was hard to tell it was there. There was no sign that said SNACK BAR! There was a blackboard that occasionally had a menu on it, on a wall with about six doors. The doors all looked alike. They need to label their deck doors STAIRS - Elevator - Snack Bar Entrance - EXIT - Crew Only - Bathroom...There was also a big bar up on the front higher-up deck - why didn't they put the bar by the snack bar? It was by another pool that no one seemed to use. I think it was too windy that high up maybe.

Like: It was great to be towering over all the other ships in port! Curacao put on a nice fireworks display as we were leaving and had a band playing on the dock for us.
Dislike: The ship was too big to go through the Panama Canal, but that may change in a few years if they widen the canal. The ship's draft was too big to anchor at Aruba, which is why we went to Curacao. We had to tender (they used the ship’s lifeboats) to shore in St. Martin and St. Thomas. This was a fairly long haul, as the ship had to anchor pretty far out. To tender, we had to go down a long, steep flight of metal steps, then into a very tipsy craft. Those who wanted to could climb the stairway to the roof of the tender for a nice view. This was a mistake for the poor guys coming back from St. Thomas who got hit by a sudden deluge - I am surprised no one slipped as they tried to rush back down the steep stairs.

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