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Sedona Surprise--A Note on Weather

Having never been in the Arizona area, I didn't realize that Sedona was a higher elevation. For our first visit in March 2000, I had promised my husband a warm vacation (we had been going to cold spots for the previous couple of years). When we arrived at this most gorgeous red rock area, he shuddered and pointed - there in the shaddow of a bush was SNOW! Actually, although the days were mild, the snow in the deep shade never melted. And we had a huge snowfall the night before we left - he had to take the unit's broom to sweep several inches of the white stuff off of our car although it didn't last on the ground. Still, I fell in love with the area and didn't see nearly enough on our first trip so booked again -only for Nov. this time. (And spouse grumbled and muttered and prepared for blizzard conditions). We had delightful weather! (The staff at our resort said that some of the nicest weather is in Oct. and Nov., and I can believe it. Days were in low to mid 70s - not too hot to keep us from enjoying being outdoors. The evenings dropped to the 60s: perfect for enjoying the fireplace!

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