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Before going to Tobago, we spent five days in Trinidad. We usually rent a car wherever we go, but since they drive on the left and the roads can be narrow, we used the local bus as our means of transportation, and took it downtown several times.

We ventured into the daily outdoor marketplace, mainly to look around. We did shop at some of the craft shops there, bringing home wonderful hand-carved pieces. One young entrepeneur found out we were getting married and insisted we buy champagne glasses from him, which he had etched with our names, date of our wedding, and doves. They're wonderful and we're so happy we have them now!

We were definitely tourists in a less-frequented tourist area, and the people couldn't have been nicer or more welcoming. I think we enjoyed Trinidad even more than Tobago because we weren't surrounded by other Americans.

Because I was the first person to ever use the National Tourism's website to book our stay, we were treated to our own bus and guide who took us to the Asa Wright Nature Preserve for lunch and a rainforest tour. What a gorgeous place! They have accommodations here as well.

After that, we were taken to the most beautiful beach called Maracos Bay. Across the street, we saw a grass-covered hut where they make shark-bake. We had to try this--first they deep-fry a ball of dough til it puffs up, then they fry fish, which fits into the hollowed fry-bread. We had a choice of condiments, some made with tamarind and other spices, which made the dish delicious. I think this ended up being our favorite meal for the whole trip!

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