Lake Tahoe Stories and Tips


Lake Tahoe is great; besides the beauty, the casinos are open 24 hours a day. If you like gaming, this is a great destination for all. We found many dining bargains at the casinos, and of course, free drinks for players.

There are two gaming areas on the Nevada side of the Lake. South Shore is fancier with more casinos. The brand names, like Harrah's, are there, but we had the most fun at Wild Bill’s. Beers are $1 (too bad I do not drink beer), hamburger lunches were about $3, and hot dogs with beer about $1.50. What I liked most was finding a $2 blackjack table. This casino advertises having a $2 table at all times. It's the only one in town. They do have one or two $3 tables depending on the traffic. Most other casinos start at $5 min, which is a little rich for me. The dealers are nice. The worst part is the smoke. It seems that most people who gamble also smoke. Being from smoke-free California, I'm not used to all the smoke.

If you like casinos, look at the local throwaway papers for the two-for-one meal specials. We had great prime rib dinners at the North Shore casinos for $14 total for two. The North Shore is less crowded and has three or four casinos. We visited two of them. Have fun and good luck!!

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