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Deidesheim, the Palatinate, Germany

The Palatinate area is one of the most beautiful countrysides in Germany. The Palatinate forest lies to the west, and the Rhine is to the east. It is renown for its wine making. The region is blessed with lots of sun, perfect for grape growing. The Romans and their vines felt right at home here thousands of years ago.

The Palatinate forest is the largest continuous wooded area in Germany, with its breathtaking rock formation and cities thousands of years old. Speyer, about an hour from Deideshiem has a Romanesque cathedral, an internationally recognized historic monument. There is a chain of fortresses, fortress ruins, and castles which line the edge of the Haardt mountains. The Hambacher Schloss or castle is where the current German flag was first aired by people marching on the castle! There is a wonderful exhibit there with movies about the history of the castle, and films about Hilter and World War II. You can also see the remains of the Hardenberg Castle and the Frankenstein castle. Bad Durkeim, a few miles from Deidesheim, has Salt cures. Arrive before 5pm or swim in the town pool next door. Or have a wine tasting at a booth in the park.

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