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Castles, Cathedrals, and Street Fairs

Deidesheim sits near many ancient castles. We visited several castles in Germany, including Heidelberg, each within an hour drive. We saw the famous Romanesque cathedral in Speir. We saw from a distance the shell of the Frankenstein castle. It is such fun to think of all the centuries of life before us. The wars, the kings, the politics, art, architecture, religion, education, language, and how they all interacted and created what it is today.

Germany was simply beautiful. Rolling hills everywhere, and along the Wine Strasse, each hill had a vineyard, and probably a store. Everything was neat, orderly, beautiful, and prosperous.

The cars did 100 to 120 miles per hour on the autobahn. It was a little unnerving! We did about 60 because we had a full car (Opel) and a roof rack. We passed several exits for Dachau, and other such camps, and many towers that had built for World War II to keep track of enemy movements and airplanes. Such a beautiful country, but such a past.

One evening we took a drive to Kaiserslautern (a town with a US army base) to see a street festival. Kaiserslautern was about an hour drive from Deisesheim. There were portable bars in the middle of the street, where you could buy your favorite German beers. We feasted on local cuisine on a picnic bench in the middle of the street. In the town square, a German rock group sang and played American music- in English, but with a heavy German accent which we could tell was taught by teachers teaching British English! What a howl!

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