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The week in a nut shell

Viking Holm Photo, South Lake Tahoe, California

Our getaway week was an adventure from the very first moments. After checking in we found that our room seamed cavernous and a bit disorenting at first. The entry way was octagon shaped and had four evenly spaced doorways with full length mirrors in between. We didn't know which of the eight rooms to check out first! On the way back to the vehicle the fun continued and we found ourselves in need of assistance for the first time. The staff joined in on our laughter when we found ourselves lost in the building and calling for directions from the elevator. We didn't realize that the ground floor we had entered the elevator from was actually the third floor on the other side of the building and we couldn't get back to our vehicle.

After settling in we found numerous on site activites to choose from and we spent one night at the Monday Night Football Party and another enjoying Spider Man in the resort theater. When we were not relaxing in our suite (which took up a quarter of one floor in the 11 story building), we were out exploring the greater Lake Tahoe area.

Since our vacation was in November, we had expected our week would be filled with plenty of snow activities, but Mother Nature dropped the white stuff the week before and after our trip. We ended up in Lake Tahoe between the crowds with the most spectacular weather you could hope for.

While our toboggan and other snow toys remained in the back of the truck we decided the first thing to do was to spend a few hours driving, so we circled the lake to inventory the possibilities. We spent some time shopping for Christmas presents and donating to the local casinos, yet found ourselves somewhat drawn to the outdoor and cultural activities.

One day we visited the annual "Valhalla Holiday Faire: A Dickens Experience" and listened to the delightful sounds of a local childrens group serenading the crowd with classic Christmas carols. Afterward we found a few more special presents for loved ones back home, finished the self-guided tour of historic Valhalla, and continued on to Emerald Bay.

The first day in the Emerald Bay vicinity we walked down to the lake and toured the Viking style complex know as "Viking Holm", which is another of several historical treasures we visited. We also took in the fresh air as we walked the lake shore of Emerald Bay stopping only to partake in our fine backpack cusine. Generaly we had a very relaxing afternoon, which as it turned out, we needed before we made the one mile uphill trek back to the parking lot.

On our second trip to the Emerald bay side of the lake we took a leasurly one mile hike, uphill first this time, and ended up along the shore of Eagle Lake, which was breathtaking (just the view that is) and well worth the trip. The view was something I will never forget.

Please take a look at the pictures of Eagle lake and the other vacation photos that I have posted for your enjoyment.

It's amazing that we live only two or three hours away and we spend so little time in a place as grand as Lake Tahoe. We have definitely decided to come this way more often and we hope you (not too many at once please) find your way to this wonderful part of the world as well.

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