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Virgin Upper Class Flight

Virgin Upper Class Photo, Shanghai, China

I flew upper Class with Virgin Atlantic to get from London to Shanghai. The new Upper Class Suite they have is very different from other airlines I have flown with.

You get a seat, which is angled, away from the window into the aircraft. This makes it slightly awkward to look out of the window, if that is what you want to do. The seat reclines to various levels, but if you get off the seat and press a button, the whole seat rotates and transforms into a flat bed.

Virgin gives you a sleep suite, which is like a track suite you can sleep in. You also get a duvet and big pillow, making sleeping on the plane a pleasant experience.

The food they serve is very good quality and beautifully presented. They do offer food to order, so you can have your meal whenever you want. I found however, that they do try to get everyone to eat at the same time if possible.

Snacks are available throughout the flight at the bar area. Yes, there is a bar onboard. It is a small bar where drinks and snacks are served. You can sit at one of the bar stools and chat to other travellers.

They also have a masseuse onboard who offers various types of massage throughout the flight.

You also get an on-demand entertainment system, so you can watch the latest films, TV shows, and games, whenever you want. There were lots of choices and some had not even been released yet—well not in the UK anyway.

My only gripe would be that if you were travelling with a partner, the seats are very private, so you cannot hold a conversation with your neighbour as you would normally. You do get a stall with your seat, or ottoman as Virgin calls it, where guests can visit and sit to talk with you. It even has a seatbelt for safety. However, if you are travelling solo, the seats are very good as you never have to even look at someone else if you don’t want to.

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