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Los Próceres Shopping Mall

The mall is located in the center of the Zona Viva, and is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in the city. You can find anything from clothes and shoes for the whole family, to furniture and electric supplies. There is also a food court that has a McDonald’s and several other fast food type restaurants in it.

The shopping mall was located a couple blocks away from our hotel easily with in walking distance; we walked over to it a couple times. The mall is a 3-story open-air mall, basically it is open on the north and south sides, but totally covered. Some of the stores are air conditioned, but most are not, so if heat and humidity affect you, this is not the place for you. A few of the stores that we went to are:

Almacenes Siman

This department store was by far the largest in the mall, it reminded me of a Sears. Its three levels contain every department from men's, women's, and children's clothes, to furniture and electric equipment for your home. They stock a variety of articles for your home, books, sporting goods, baby goods, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, and personal accessories. Most of the brands where the same as you would find back in the United States. The staff was very friendly and helpful, but they do not speak English, whish was not too much of a problem. Also if you purchase some thing use the local currency or a credit card, they take American dollars, but it will take awhile to check out, because they have to convert the price to dollars, they convert the change back to quetzals.

Virtual Dimension

Here you will find a great variety of computer games for children and adults. They had a pretty big selection with games for entertainment as well as educational ones. They did not have any game system games, but one of the staff said they are soon going to start selling Playstation and Nintendo 64 games soon. They also have accessories such as joysticks, cables and every accessory for Playstation and Nintendo 64, just no games yet.

There where also a bunch of clothing and shoes stores. Along with bookstores, kids’ clothing stores, jewelry stores and a bunch of other specialty stores. There is also a movie theater that was showing pretty current movies, it did not seem like they had movies that just opened in the United States.

One place that we found nice was American Donut, it sells just what you think, donuts. But it has a great kid play area, something like what McDonald’s has up here, but a little bigger. Since we where adopting a 4 year old, this was a great place to let her play.

Address: 16th Street 2-00, Zone 10 'Los Próceres' Boulevard

Phone: +50 2 332 8742

Hours: 10am-8pm Mon-Sun; 11am-7pm public holidays

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