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Eureka Springs has many available activities to please everyone. Just driving around and viewing the gorgeous scenery of the Ozarks is a treat in itself. The downtown area is a mecca for those of us who like to shop, featuring antique shops and gift shops that feature natural crafts of the area. Flea markets are available along the back roads between Eureka Springs and Fayetteville.

An unusual attraction located on the same side road as the motel is called "Quigley's Castle." Many years ago, Mrs. Elise Quigley wanted her husband to build a larger house for them and their five children, but he kept putting it off. One day he left to run some errands and she tore down the shack they were living in and moved into the shed. She designed her house to bring the outdoors in. As you enter the gate and travel along the stone walkway bordered with trees, flowers, etc., the first thing you notice as you approach the door is that there is a glass wall on the left and in between that and the wall of the house there are trees and shrubs growing. Inside the house are many other interesting features such as a "butterfly wall" in the master bedroom. Elise collected the butterflies and preserved within a glass wall for a unique decor. An aquarium had been built into an alcove in the kitchen, but they had a leakage problem, and all that remains are the stones that formed the bottom of the tank. Many of the things that she collected, such as Depression glass and the quilts she fashioned, are also on display. Her granddaughter and her family still reside in the house and you are allowed to tour the public parts of the house and grounds at your leisure. Elise also collected bottles and other pieces of glass, which she fashioned into birdbaths, feeders, and other ornamental objects scattered around the property. There are paths leading to small ponds, etc., or a bench to relax on while you enjoy the flowers. Admission is $5.50 and is well worth the cost.

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