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Cold Spring Resort

Well the month of November was a busy one for me, I first travelled to Alberta, Canada, and then to British Columbia, Canada, then it was off the Ashland, New Hampshire. Ashland was the first resort trip that we have taken as a family, and everyone was very excited to travel to the Cold Spring Resort.

When we arrived Sharon met us and welcomed us with open arms. What a nice feeling. She made it a point to learn all of our names and where we were from, and was great with the kids.

We had a 2-bedroom with a loft and all I can say is that when we arrived at the unit and opened the door we were totally blown away by the size. Upstairs there was a private bed room with 2 twin beds, and patio access and door to the bathroom. Then a huge walk-in closet and in the loft area 2 more twins and patio access and access to the bathroom.

Downstairs the master bedroom with queen bed and large closet access to another bathroom, and also washer and dryer. In the other area it was an open-concept with living room dining room and kitchen (with everything you needed). To separate the room there was a huge suspended round fireplace in the middle, what a fun idea! In the dining area there was a screened in patio and great view of golf course and deer grazing.

Amenities included indoor/outdoor pools and a whirlpool, hiking and walking trails, golf, a playground, tennis courts, and lots more. They offered a lot of things for the kids to do even in the off-season such as candle making, woodcrafts, ect. They also had a trip to the Busch Anhiser Beer Factory which was very nice, and to the restaurant on Golden Pond where the movie was actually made with Henry Fonda. They also had movie night, and the thing with all trips was that they provide the transprtation free of charge!

Those of you that are race fans and love the likes of Jeff Gordon and Dale Ernhart, the London racetrack is about 30 minutes from the resort. What a great opportunity! If shopping is your game, well let me tell you that even I enjoyed the Black and Decker outlet store, just one of the many that are located just about 30 mins from the resort. We also enjoyed several different kinds of restaurants. The first was a drive-in style movie theater. You're seated in Lincoln Town car seats at a table and served your meal while the movie is on. The kids loved it and it was a unique experience. We also travelled to JT's in Meridith which was a little further, oh but worth the travel for their chicken and ribs that came with everything.

Let me tell you that I would not hesitate one bit in sending someone to the Cold Spring Resort at all, and can't wait to go back, so we are going to buy a unit so we can travel every year!

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