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Barrancas del Cobre, Sonora

Barrancas del cobre Photo, Mexico, North America

The Mexican Territory is about two million square kilometers, and practically there is no spot in the country that has something amazing. Everywhere here the great master, NATURE, is present.

Barrancas del Cobre is a complex system of gullies and gorges of dramatic beauty, whose depths will take your breath away. They are located in the state of Chihuahua, here is the homeland of the Raramuri people.

CAMPING: This region is ideal for camping, because of the beautiful landscape and the forests and water bodies; on the other end, the modernization of the highways makes it easily accesible for families and young explorers from almost every single spot in the country. Located only 10 km away from Creel, the most important city in the region you can access to the Arareco Lake, a beautiful landscape made by a lake and gigantic rocks on the shores, just perfect for camping.

JOURNIES: The Taraumara range and the Oteros, Chinipas, Urique and Batopilas river regions can be toured through bumpy roads that take you into the forest, very apropiate to practice some mountain biking! Back in Creel you may hire a guide that will take you to every single corner in the range, including the gorges that will take your breath away!

ROCK CLIMBING: One of the most incredible rock formations in Mexico is the Peña del Gigante, it is hidden in the Barranca de Candameña, and it is hard to think that something that big it is not as know as it should be, because its main wall is about 885 meters, being a real challenge for rock climbers!, this rock is pretty close to the Piedra Volada waterfall, the highest in Mexico at 453 meters high.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING: In this region there are at least two main options for mountain climbers first of all for those wanting to descend, the option will be the gorges to the Urique or the Batopilas rivers, and those wanting to climb there are the Gallego and the Mohinora hills or the Sinforosa and Guerachi peaks each over the 3000 meters.

SIGHT SEEING: You can take a very nice trip on the Chihuahua-Pacifico train across the sierra and the gullies on the way to Sinaloa. Aboard the train you'll be comfortably admiring one of the most incredible views in the world: a parade of great rock formations, great bridges that are so high that you'll get vertigo, beautiful tunnels in a pretty nice set of railroad tracks.

Start the trip on Chihuahua, get off on Divisadero, stay one or two nights in the hotel, and then take the train to Los Mochis, and just relax.

I RECOMMEND THIS FOR: Families and young adventure seekers

LOCATION Creel is located 244 km from Chihuahua city going on highway 16 and from Miñaca to Divisadero there are about 50 km.

Chihuahua's Tourism Department: 011-52 (614) 429-3421 Chihuahua's Antropology and History Institute 011-52(614) 410-3948.

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