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Shopping Street

Bordeaux has the second-longest shopping street in Europe. It is so long, it would take approximately an hour to walk it, especially with the big crowds that go here daily. You have all brand names here: Calvin Klein, Gap, Levi's, and many others. Shopping is rather expensive here.

Along the sides of the street, you have the small food guys where you can get hot dogs, burgers, pretty much anything that's fast food. I was there during a heat wave, and to be honest, you'll want to bring plenty of water. The street is made of some type of rock that gets very warm, so it is very easy to get dehydrated.

The way to describe the layout: you have one long shopping street and an adjacent one that's slightly smaller. Interconnecting these streets are small pedestrian streets, where you can find anything you want, from antiques to souveniers. I found an Internet cafe which I remember because the logo was an egg . . . what an egg has to do with the Internet, I dunno, but it caught my attention. I then couldn't find it the next day, and my friend thought I imagined it but thankfully we both came across it on our last day so i convinced my friend I wasn't loopy :-)

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