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Just a few thoughts

We have been to Mexico many times. This was our first visit to the Puerto Vallarta area. We will return and Mayan Palace is the place we will stay at. Some people commented about the resort being out of the way. It was, but with the ease of bus transportation that was not an issue. It was also a very clean, safe, and attractive area. If you want to go into town it was a total of 1.40 to get there. I totally agree with others. To take a car into town and try and find a place to park would have been a nightmare. I would rent a car again but only for a few days and for destinations not involving downtown Puerto Vallarta.

We ate at several places downtown and thought the food was fine. We even ate crepes from a local vendor without any side effects. The food at the resort was very authentic Mexican. I like Mexican food, but I think my tastes have drifted towards the Americanized version of Mexican food. We found a great pizza place within walking distance and actually ate our first and last meal there. There serve Italian food of all types. This will sound sick to some of you but on our way home after returning to the US we stopped at one of our Mexican restaurants for supper.

My doctor recommended taking Pepto Bismol four times a day. We started this 2 days before leaving. Neither my wife nor I had any intestinal problems. He frowned upon us taking antibiotics just for the general practice. He did give us the antibiotics to take, but with strict instructions not to take them unless we had a problem.

Definitely use Vallarta Adventures. They might be a little more pricey, but the quality of service was great. If you book before you leave home you can save 10%. We did their canopy tour and the Rhythms of the Night excursion. Both were fun.

This is a very safe destination and the Mexican people are great. My only problem was my lack of understanding the Spanish language. I definitely need to improve my Spanish skills.

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