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Our group did an excursion to a four-wheeling place from the resort. It was rather pricey, but well worth it if you’re up for a good adventure. The guide picks you up in an open carriage atop a truck and drives you, picking up other groups from other resorts along the way, through the village and to the site (in the middle of nowhere). On the way there, we only picked up one other group, which was nice, and they were also from the USA. We rode through downtown, and you begin to learn about the poverty the locals live in. Upon our arrival, we get suited up and familiar with the bike and drive across the highway with our guide to a field. Then you drive for about 2 hours through water, rocks, mud, sugar cane, the beach, and the villages the locals live in.

It was sooo much fun. You get dirty and hot, so if that is not your thing, you may not enjoy. My teenagers loved it, even the high-maintenance girls. You get a chance to shop the vendors at the beach and get food in the village at a snack bar. My best experience through the whole vacation was in the tiny village. It was so depressing and mind-blowing seeing what the poor, poor people and little children had to live in: the tiny huts, the dirt roads, the poverty, the starvation, and no education. The little children were so dirty and hungry, yet adorable, and it made my heart break. I wanted to help save them so badly. It was awful, but it made me so thankful for what I had. I strongly suggest the four-wheeling trip.

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