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The Jewish Antwerp

The Jewish neighborhood starts from Pelikanstraat, with diamond and gold shops, and continues on the Lange Kievitstraat, turning right, where you can find kosher shops and restaurants. Nervierstraat and Isabellalei Lange Herentalsestraat are the places where the Jewish population is mainly located. I have read that there are approximately 18,000 Jewish souls living in Antwerp, most working in the diamond industry. The rest accommodate the needs of the first group, providing kosher restaurants, butcher and poultry shops, and education.

I found the environment on these streets a little bit shabby--people may look at you suspiciously if you are on a small street where everyone knows each other. If you go into a shop, they will all stop talking and notice you and will not say a word to each other until you leave. I can imagine that life is not easy for these people, in a city where Vlaamse Blok, a right-wing party, has collected many votes at the last elections.

If you seriously want to consider dining kosher, here are some addresses: Blue Lagoon, Lange Herentalsestrat 70
Dresdner, Simonstr 10 tel: 2325455
Behi Falafel. Lange Leemstraat 188 tel: 2188211

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