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Prince Edward Island

This is going to be my last journal. On Thursday me and David are going home and Morgan will stay for another two weeks of vacation. Last week went by really quickly since we all were looking forward to go to Prince Edward Island. On Thursday we went to see the movie Bruce Almighty and I have to say that it was not as funny as I expected it to be.

On Friday I took all my stuff for the weekend to work, so that we could pick up the car and be on the road just after work. Of course that did not work out that well. We picked up the car alright at 5 o'clock and drove to Quispalmsis where David and Morgan's hosts live. There we were supposed to meet up with all the other people that were coming with us to PEI ( Price Edward Island ). But as usual when a lot of people try to go altogether somewhere, we spent about one hour just waiting for some people that were already on the way to PEI, as we found out later.

When we finally hit the road, after filling up gas and getting all necessary shopping done at the liquor store, it was 7:30pm. Morgan, David, and I were going together in one car, Tanya and David (Morgan's hosts) went with Daniel (works for Cendant as well) and Sean. Jeffrey, one of David and Tanya's friends, was driving with his own car.

At about 9ish we stopped for supper at the Irving gas station in Moncton and after that it took us another hour and a half to get to the bridge to PEI. The Confederation bridge is 12.9 kilometers long and it takes about 12 minutes to cross it. You can't speed since the bridge uses closed circuit video cameras monitored by the bridge operator. Travelers pay a round trip bridge toll on exiting PEI. The return fare is $38.50, which I think is really expensive. But there probably is reason for that. More than 6,000 people were employed by Strait Crossing over the life of the project. This project attracted employees from around the world and provided highly skilled construction jobs for Atlantic Canadian workers. Construction began in October 1993 and finished in May 1997. The bridge opened to the public on May 31, 1997. It has a design life of a century (100 years), but with proper care and upkeep, it will last much longer.

Just after we crossed the bridge Jeffrey got stopped by the cobs, but they did not give him a ticket, so it was fine. We had two cottages rented for the weekend in Cavendish which lies in the north of PEI. We arrived there at 11:30 and I was really surprised how nice they were. We even had a whirlpool in the bathroom. Altogether we were 11 people and that night we spent talking, drinking and we even had a late night (2 o'clock) barbecue. I woke up at about 12:30 the next day, but only because Morgan woke me up. Otherwise I would still be sleeping. Most of the people wanted to go horseback riding (not me!!!) and so went were trying to find a place we they could do that. Unfortunately pretty everybody was useless when it came to reading a map and we did not succeed. We decided to go to Charlottetown which is the Capitol of PEI. We walked a little through the down town area and then we drove to the shopping malls outside the city Center to get some shopping done. I spent all my money for the weekend on books and CDs. CDs are so cheap here. they are about $20 which means about 12 Euro. Can you believe that? I probably have to buy some more before I go home.

The weather in Charlottetown was really nice for a change, but in Cavendish it was really foggy. Back in the cottage we had barbecue and tried to decide on what to do for the night. Sean, Daniel, David, and I decided to stay in the cottage and the others went to some bar in Charlottetown. I stayed with Sean, Daniel and David in their cottage until the others returned at 3:30 because I was a little scared to be alone in the other one. The location and circumstances reminded me too much on all those teen horror movies. The bars in Charlottetown close at 2 o'clock, but it took the others one and a half to find their way back to the cottages out of the reason I mentioned earlier (useless mapreaders). I still can not figure out how seven people fit into that car (grand prix).

The next day we had to check out at 12 o'clock. We went for Breakfast at a place called Chez Yvonne's. Before we went home we actually stopped at the beach but it was too cold to enjoy it. We arrived back in St. John at 6 and it was as usually raining there. I dropped of David and Morgan and then I dropped of the car at Avis. Later that night I realized, that I completely forgot to fill up the gas and that can get really expensive with Avis. So this morning we tried to ring them to ask if I still can go to fill it up, but it was already to late, which means that since Cendant is paying for the rental they also will have to pay for the fill up. That is quiet embarrassing, but I promise I did not do it on purpose. Well I am afraid that is everything I have to tell and if you have any questions about my trip you can ask me next week when I am back at work. Wish me luck for the trip back....

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