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St. John Week 4

Le Pays de la Sagouine Photo, St. John, New Brunswick

I can not believe that we only have a bit more then one week to go. Time went by so fast. Last week we were a bit lazy really. After we came back from Toronto on thusday we were pretty broke and I cant await friday to get some money in the bank. Everyone here gets paid weekly and they can not believe that we get paid once a month. Anyway, we went to see the Matrix Reloaded last Thursday and I find it really good. Not that I understand what it is about, but Keanu Reeves is in it, so I don't care so much about the storyline. On Friday me and David and Morgan were supposed to meet in Dooleys for couple of drinks, but these two decided not to go and not to tell me either, so I waited and waited and nobody came. Well, I had fun anyway.

On Saturday we went on a guided tour. Also a couple of other RCI people joined us and it was lot of fun. At first we went to a place called "le pays de la sagouine". It is a little Acadian village on an island just off the coast of Bactouche. It is a historic side and it shows you how the Acadians (how the french Canadians are called in this area) lived about 100 - 150 years ago. That was quite interesting. After that we went for lunch and I had lobster for the very first time. I have to admit that it isn't all that bad, although I can not agree on how the lobsters get boiled alive.

Next stop was a little soap factory. That was amazing. The owner himself showed us how they make organic soap and he was quite a charmer. All the women on the trip ended up buying a lot of soap. I personally bought a lifetime supply.

They use olive oil to make their handmade soap and also use cocoa butter. I just loved the smell in there. David Kettering bought two bottles of shampoo that are supposed to stop hair loss. Well, let's see if that works.

After that we went on a lobster fishing trip. We got to see real live lobster and the captain of the boat explained us all there is to know about lobster. He also showed us how to crack and eat the lobster. A couple of people, David and Morgan included, even had the guts to hold the lobster. I didn't. They had a lobster dinner prepaired for us and I really had a hard time cracking the lobster into tiny little pieces. I mean their little eyes still there staring at me, while I rip of its claws and legs - kind of cruel if you think about it. But Morgan and David did not seem to have a problem. But I have to say it was also kind of fun. The boat trip took two and a half hours and after that it took us another two hours to get back to St. John.

The whole trip took 12 hours and I was really tired when I came back home, but my host Jen and I had agreed to go out that night since it was our last eveing together before I go home next week. She works the late shift and when she gets home I am usually ready for bed. So we went to Jen's friend for a couple of drinks and later to a club called "Aquarius". I almost fell asleep at the bar and so we did not stay out too long. Sunday I did not do a thing. I sat down on the couch at one o'clock and did not get up until 11 o'clock at night. I am really looking forward to next weekend since we are going to Prince Edward Island to spend the weekend there. There will be about 11 or 12 people going and we rented two cottages, each with a hot tub and barbecue place. I think that will be a blast.

PS I actually did succeed in sending a member to Europe. And guess where he and his family are going? Yes, they are going to Tenerife.

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