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Journal Week 1

St. John Photo, St. John, New Brunswick

Me, Morgan (French Department) and David ( Kettering ) finally arrived in St. John after an exhausting 14 hour trip.

We got picked up by Cindy who drove us to the Hilton Hotel in St. John where we spent our first night. Later that evening she took us to a seafood restaurant where we had a hard time not to fall asleep.

Next day after breakfast we went to St. John office and a had tour of the building and met our supervisors for the six weeks. In the afternoon we met our host families. I am staying with Jen Goodwin. She lives on the west side of St. John, which is easy to reach by bus. Jen's boyfriend Wes also lives in the apartment and his little daughter stays over one to two nights a week. She is a cutie.

On the first weekend we went out everyday until 2am and I had to sleep all Sunday to recover. Everyone is being really nice and they are trying hard to let us have a wonderful time.

On Monday we started our three day training on Geography and all the different policies. I did not expect so many differences. For example if the members want to put something on hold they have to give us their credit card number and we confirm it. If they do not call back within 24 hours it will be considered as confirmed. We can even use credit card numbers on file, which is makes life so much easier.

On Thursday and Friday we took our first US calls, and I felt like a new hire. The members are most of the time asking for US, Mexican, and Caribbean destinations, which I know almost nothing about and I cannot exactly send them to Tenerife either. So I will have to learn about the US destinations or I will have a hard time to reach my target here. But we get a lot of help as I mentioned and I am sure in no time I will be comfortable on the phone.

Last weekend we got an Avis car and we went on a trip to Halifax, which is in Nova Scotia. We originally planned to leave first thing Saturday morning, but the car Avis gave us smelled like burning rubber so we had to return it in the morning and get another one.

We finally arrived in Halifax at two o'clock. The moment we stepped out of the car we knew we would not do too much walking since it was freezing and windy. So we rescued ourselves into an Irish Pup (always a good place to go to) and enjoyed some real Canadian beer and some real Irish food, which is a good combination.

After that we went to our motel and stayed there for a relaxing couple of hours. In the evening we went to the casino. We actually only wanted to have a look and then leave but since Morgan turned out to be an addicted gambler we got stuck for three hours. I lost six dollars, which is not too bad.

The next day we went for a drive to Peggy's Cove which is on the ocean south of halifax, where the swiss air crashed in 1998. The area down there is absolutely beautiful. I had a great time there.

Well, I guess that is everything for today, I really should go back to work and send some US members to Tenerife.

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