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To travel to Andorra, you can fly into Toulouse Airport in France or Barcelona Airport in Spain--either way, you'll get a fantastic 4-hour trip through the Pyrennes! Roads are some of the best in Europe despite going through the mountains and there is some fantastic scenery.

In the winter, most people only go to Andorra to ski, as there is very little else to do during the day. However, night time is a different matter. The apres-ski is something else!

We stayed in the resort of Arinsal, which boasts buzzing apres-ski and nightlife which was a great value. There is a great selection of restaurants as well as countless bars. Be sure to check these out!

I had the great misfortune of spraining my ankle on the second day which is why I had to go looking for alternative things to do. As I'd look quite silly trying to put snow boots over a big plaster!

Andorra La Vella is a great little city , it has numerous cafés, restaurants, and Duty Free shops . . . AND THAT'S ALL. So, the remainder of the week was spent hobbling between these. If you are only going shopping for a day, it's great fun, however doing this for 5 days solid made it lose it's appeal!

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