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Snorkeling on Ixtapa Island

Ixtapa Island Photo, Ixtapa, Mexico

You have to go to Ixtapa Island for snorkeling and fish tacos. You start by taking a bus to Playa Quieta, that you can catch anywhere in the hotel area. The fare is about 5 pesos each, or around 53-cents. When you get to Playa Quieta, you take a water taxi to Ixtapa Island-Coral Beach. The fare here is around 30 pesos per person, or about US$3.17, round-trip. After the water taxi lets you off, walk through all the lounge chairs to the other side of the island (just over the hill). You will see the coral area and probably snorkelers in the water. The reef goes out quite a ways and the fish are the most brilliant colors. Be careful, though, as some like to nip at your feet! We spent time snorkeling, laying in the sun, and eating. When you get hungry, order the fish tacos. They are wonderful! You get a platter with about 4 or so and all the condiments. Of course, they go great with cold Coronas! The water is warm and clear and the scenery is simply beautiful. We went early in the morning and stayed the whole day. The last water taxi leaves the island around 5:30pm. It is very quiet and peaceful here and the breeze under the palm umbrellas is relaxing. We went back there on our last day to spend one last day snorkeling and relaxing.

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