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A Quick Drive Through Solvang

Ostrichland Ostriches Photo, Pismo Beach, California

Since I was driving to Pismo Beach, and my friend had never been to Solvang, we stopped by to do a quick drive through. We made a wrong turn and stopped at the visitor’s office in Buellton. They gave us directions, then we were on our way. As we drove along the highway to Solvang, we noticed that there was a strawberry stand and something called "Ostrichland." I saw some ostriches penned up. Since I had never been close to an ostrich, I decided that I’d stop on the way back.

We made it to Solvang, which is a charming Danish town. They are bakeries and antique shops, but nothing that we wanted to stop for. After a quick drive down the main street, we turned and went back towards Ostrichland. If we had gone down further, we could have stopped at the Chumash Indian reservation, but it was another 3 miles down. We didn’t want to add that much time to our trip, so we decided to save for next time. Worldmark is supposed to add a Solvang resort, so I decided to save the Chumash reservation for when I stay in the Solvang resort if and when it happens.

When we stopped at Ostrichland, I noticed that the two ostriches were for sale as pets. The other large birds were emus. There was a coin-operated feeder, so I put in a couple quarters to get some kibble to feed the emus. I put out the feeding bowl on the tray, and three emus gobbled up the kibble within a few seconds. It was kind of scary and sad at the same time. I did take photos of the emus close up. We were going to get some strawberries from the stand, but there were a lot of insects crawling on them, so we opted for plums instead. They weren’t very ripe, so we only ate a few then discarded the rest.

When I got home, I decided to Google the city of Solvang and found lots of things to do. I always thought there wasn’t much, but now I have a list of things to do:

1. Visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum
2. Visit the Chumash Reservation
3. Visit Mission Santa Inés
4. Visit Nojoqui Falls
5. Eat at the Little Mermaid
6. Visit the Janeway Carriage House in Santa Ynez
7. Visit the wineries in the area

So I’m much more prepared for my next trip through Solvang. It also looks like it’s a future overnight trip. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that the Solvang resort will happen.

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