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Death Valley

Death Va;;ey Photo, California, United States

This is the most amazing landscape I have ever seen. We were travelling from Las Vegas and our first view was of Badwater. It looked like a sea when viewed from the top of the hill, but down at the bottom it was like dried salt. The road wound right past and then ended at a car park where we were able to walk on the surface and take a closer look, although it was too hot to walk far. There was even a pool of water which surprised us given the heat of 120 degrees.

The different colours in the rocks of Artist Palette left us in awe. We also saw the sand dunes in the distance, which looked like pyramids. I expected this to be the whole landscape as Death Valley is desert.

There are roads and tracks leading off the road to different view points all entirely different from each other. We saw the Devils Golf Course, which didn't really impress us, walked up a canyon of marble which was quite eerie as it was going dusk and there was no-one else about.

We passed Furnace Creek and Furnace Creek Ranch and also Stove Pipe Wells. The latter didn't look much different to Panamint Springs where we stayed. All are in the middle of the desert, with nothing else to do but enjoy the peace and have a few beers before retiring to bed!

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