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Newport Beach

Newport Beach Photo, California, United States

After a long flight from the UK, our first venture was to the beach to relax. We found Newport Beach to be a quiet place, with plenty of car parking, both in the beachfront car park with meter charge and on street, which was free. There is a long promenade with some nice beachfront houses and apartments, public restrooms, a long sandy beach, and a pier used by fishermen. There are small supermarkets and clothes shops to browse. There were no sun beds available on the beach.

After relaxing, we walked on the pier to watch the fishermen who were mainly Oriental. The thing I did not like was the way they put the fish they caught into dry buckets for a slow death. Later in the afternoon, there was a commotion on the beach with everyone looking out to sea. We saw large fish in the sea, quite near shore, and we thought they were dolphins until someone else said they were young sharks.

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