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Gatorland Photo, Orlando, Florida

This definitely is not a "first" choice place for future trips to Orlando. We had been there about thirty years ago with our son when he was eight. I think we should have skipped it for another thirty years! If you have small children it probably would be an "okay" place to go, but as adults, it seemed rather boring.

Of course, it didn't help that we were there when it was the coldest it has been in ten years. Therefore the gators were not very active and a lot of the activities that were on their brochure were not being presented on the day we were there. The train ride is a short spin around the area and all the areas you see can easily be accessed by walking. Don't waste the extra money to do it even if they sell it as unlimited rides. You probably won't do it more than once anyhow.

The most interesting part of Gatorland was the gift shop!

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