Punta Cana Stories and Tips

A few tips to enhance your stay

1. Don't bother to fill out the immigration forms at the airport -- they don't care about them, so just go to the head of the line.

2. Don't forget sunscreen and bug repellent with at least 20% DEET -- Off Deep Woods is good (you may need it after a rain shower) -- but basically they've taken care of their "bug problem".

3. Be prepared to wait for your room. Pack a bathing suit and cover up in your carry-on. Change and head for an open-air restaurant for shrimp or steak rather than the buffet that you'll be directed to.

4. All rooms are basically similar. If you're on a budget, the garden rooms are fine -- water fountains, beautiful plants, and flowers.

5. Buildings 1-5 are near the waterfall pool (quiet). Building 14 is the last one facing the long pool and beach -- also quiet.

6. Bring a drain seal for the jacuzzi tub because many don't hold water well. Seals available at hardware stores for a dollar or so -- it's a round rubber disc.

7. If you want one of the "beds" by the pool, you need to get up early (6-7am) to place down your towels. There are plenty of palapas and loung chairs if you don't make it.

8. There is more breeze on the beach than around the pool.

9. The ocean is choppy. A noodle packs easily in your suitcase for buoyancy and boogie boards are available free at the resort.

10. There is calmer water by the beach hut.

11. Massages are offered at the beach, but the ambience, aroma, and temperature in the spa is more relaxing.

12. Gourmet restaurant reservations can only be made from 3-5pm. Use a house phone by the pool or wherever you may be. Have a pen handy -- you are given a reservation number. If the time is not acceptable to you, ask for a better time for the following day.

13. Guest Services can arrange a cake for special occasions.

14. If lobster is not on the menu at the Mediterranean restaurant, ask for it -- they may find some.

15. For late night cravings, pizza is available until 11pm in the Italian restaurant.

16. Premium liquor brands are more plentiful at the pool bar near building 14 and the long bar in the show room, rather than at the swim-up bar or the lobby bar.

17. A small tip if you particularly like a bartender goes a long way -- they remember you and how they made your last drink.

18. Entertainment in the lobby by the bar starts early and ends by 8pm, so get ready early and linger before dinner.

19. Don't miss the specialty coffees in the square after dinner. You can still enjoy the evening entertainment from there.

20. Avoid Super Keno at the casino -- read my other entry.

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