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Tucupita Expeditions: Tour options and prices

Inside the Orinoco Delta Lodge Photo, Venezuela, South America

There are several operations offering excursions into the delta. We chose Tucupita Expeditions, which has been operating the Orinoco Delta Lodge since 1993, after doing some research on the Internet prior to our trip.
It has an office on Margarita Island, where we booked our trip, but you can also make reservations online.
Tucupita offers excusions of various lengths.
2 days/1 night:
One popular trip for visitors to Margarita Island is the Orinoco Delta/Canaima and Angel Falls two-day/one-night tour, which gives visitors a taste of the delta on the first day (overnight stay in the delta) and a taste of Angel Falls, the world's tallest waterfall, on the second day. It costs US$260 per person - this was by far the cheapest we saw. Others were above $300 per person. Tucupita Expeditions claims to have created this particular package, which was soon copied by other operators.
Three-day/two-night expedition:
We decided on Tucupita's two-night/three-day expedition in the Orinoco Delta for US$249 per person, because we felt one day in the jungle just wouldn't be enough.
Much of the first day was spent travelling from Margarita to the delta. We arrived at the lodge at 3pm, had a quick supper then spent three hours on the water fishing for piranha and exploring different channels before the sunset.
We had a full day of activities on the second day, but had to leave the lodge by 7am the third day to catch the 10:30am flight back to Margarita, the only available flight.
We were definitely disappointed we had to leave so early the third day. Tucupita was the only tour company we found that offered a three-day/two-night package.
3-4 Nights:
If you wish to stay even longer, you can visit Tucupita Expedition's recently built Simoina camp, which is located in an even more remote part of the delta about 2.5 hours north from the Orinoco Delta Lodge.
The camp is much more rustic than the lodge. It consists of a few Indian-style dwellings -- one big thatched roof house for sleeping (in hammocks covered by mosquito netting), a dining room with a bar, a kitchen and shared bathrooms. There are no showers -- just the river. A three-night stay (first and last night at the lodge) is US$299 per person. A four-night stay (first and last night at the lodge) is US$360 per person.
No other tour companies we checked with (on Margarita Island, at least) offered any similar packages.
Longer stays can be arranged for an extra charge, of course.
The prices quoted above include airfare from Margarita Island to Maturin, transporation to the lodge, all excursions, all meals, soft drinks on excursions, accommodations, and guides. What's not included in the cost is drinks at the bar and tips.
For further information on Tucupita Expeditions, visit Orinoco Delta

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