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Mount Maunganui

Mount Manganui Photo, New Zealand, South Pacific

There's a lot to keep you amused in this seaside town. Just about everyone who visits here can't resist the walk up to the summit of the Mount, it really is a "must-do".

There are varying degrees of walks up the Mount, one that spirals up the Mount, which is a very gentle walk all the way, apart from the last twenty minutes or so, when there is no escaping the sharp incline to the summit. To walk up this path takes about an hour and a half at a leisurely pace. Or, you can brace yourself and go for the "quick way" which is straight up the side of the Mount - not good for the unfit, this walk is much harder, with steep inclines all the way up, and in the few places that there are steps, these are fairly high and steep.

Whichever way you reach the top, just make sure you do, as youll be well rewarded with stunning views across the Bay. If you can time it right, try to be there for sunset, as this is absolutely breath taking.

If you want to wind down after your trek, try Maunganui Hot Saltwater pools. These pools are excellent value - $2.50 entry - and are superbly situated at the base of the Mount.

Or, if you just want to cool off, buy an ice cream at one of the many parlours along the beach front, and go sit under a palm tree and watch the world go by.

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