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Ocean Day Spaaaaaaahhh

Ocean Day Spa  Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia

If I had only one week to spend in Vancouver, I could spend every day here! Ocean Day Spa is new to the scene in Vancouver but has very quickly become my spa of choice. One visit there and you will know what I mean. The spa has an ocean theme and zen inspired decor. To me, details make the difference and that's what you'll notice here. I've been several times, for different treatments, but I'll give you a step by step of a typical treatment.

Stepping into this spa is like stepping into an oasis - seriously. The soft colours & music, sounds of trickling water, warm smiling faces, and fragrant candles transport me, instantly, from my crazy hectic world to a place where I feel utterly peaceful.The hostess who greets you at the front counter is polished and professional but friendly too. You'll be asked to fill out a short evaluation form and then soon you are on you're way to paradise!

If it's you're first time, they'll happily give you a tour of the spa. After you've slipped into your robe and those great pressure point sandals I love so much, you head to the "relaxation room" where a nice warm foot bath awaits (one of those little details). I love to just take a minute to soak and sip a bit of water. When it's time for your treatment, the esthetician will come and dry your feet and give you a wonderful little foot massage with a cooling's where I start drooling.

I haven't had all the treatments (I'm giving my husband gentle hints all the time) but I can tell you about a few things. First of all, the hydro-therapy tub is really awesome. Before the tub you can either get a full body exfoliation or a massage - I pick the exfoliation because I love the way my skin feels afterward. While in the tub (lights dimmed, candles, etc) you're therapist will give you an amazing scalp massage while a billion or so little jets of water massage your muscles. If you've never had one of these tubs before then you must simply must try it. Afterward you get moisturizer applied to you're whole body and then your skin will feel like "buttah."

Another cool thing that they have there (which I've never seen anywhere else) is this funky mud that they put on your back during a facial. Sounds strange but hear me out. The "mud" is actually some kind of seaweed extract with 12,000 or so minerals that go into your system - very good for you apparently. Anyway, this mud heats up and crackles & pops and actually MASSSAGES your back while you're lying there having your facial. I couldn't help giggling at first but it's really very relaxing.

I haven't had any pedicures/manicures but my girlfriend has and she was blown away. They have these heated, massage chairs that you sit in and they put heated aromatherapy wraps around your neck. She says she almost drifted off to sleep!

Ocean offers all the usual spa services plus what they call their "signature" services which are some special little extras that are worth the couple extra pesos. They also have various packages. On my wish list is the "Ocean lovers" package which is a couples treatment...perfect for before a romantic evening together!

I've been to some of the other so-called popular spas in town and have left really disappointed. I think a spa should be clean -I don't want to see wax on the walls or messy staff. I want to feel special even if I'm only getting a leg wax and not a 5 hour treatment. Most of all, I want to be relaxed every second I'm there.

Ocean Day Spa is not located downtown but it's worth the short drive and hey, Osamu Sushi is right down the road!

For information & prices check out the website: Ocean Day Spa
Location: Suite#108 - 3242 Westwood St., Port Coquitlam
Phone# 604-552-8081

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