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Sailing and Jeep Safari trips

This holiday was to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary at our favourite place, Club Calahonda. When we get to the resort, it is just like coming home-even down to meeting up with a cat we have met before! The staff is excellent, and Antoniou in the Palm Tree restaurant makes everyone feel so welcome. The food and entertainment are brilliant.

This time we decided that we would take a couple trips that we hadn't done before and set off on a leisurely sail on the Dawn Trader from Fuengirola harbour. This took us out to sea, and hopefully, for a viewing of the dolphins (it was unlucky for us; the dolphins must have been on holiday themselves because they didn't join us!). We had a sandwich lunch that was provided for us. We could then swim off the boat if we were brave enough (we weren’t, but others on the boat had a great time splashing in the sea). The crew was excellent and made everyone feel really welcome. We were onboard for about 3 hours, and it was the most relaxing part of our trip. We will certainly do it again.

Next we decided to go on a jeep safari. Thinking it would mostly be young people, we arrived at the designated point to meet up with Dave, our driver. We then went on to the central meeting point for coffee, where we met up with the others-there were four jeep loads of people over 50. By the end of the day, we were all very dusty and tired, but had been to some amazing places in the area-up dried-up river beds; through water so fast we all got wet; stopping at a small town for a drink and a visit to the church; down through some very remote areas while watching buzzards circle overhead; past olive groves, wild pomegranates, figs, and carob trees; seeing an old shepherd moving his flock through the river; and watching an old turtle sunning himself on a rock in a pool. We even had a chance to swim in a small pool with some fishes! We finished the day off at a small café and bar, had lunch and some more drinks, and then made our weary way back to the resort; everyone was very dusty and exhausted, but we all had an amazing time. One tip, take some wet wipes and a large bottle of water, as it is VERY dusty in the back of the jeeps. It was certainly a day to remember and one that we will definitely repeat next time we go.

This was a holiday that neither of us will forget, and we would highly recommend anyone else giving it a try.

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