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The Castle Photo, Cancun, Mexico

Tulum, "the City of Dawn", built in honor of the Sun. The Mayas believed the heat of the sun gave them strength. Tulum is considered the most beautiful of the Mayan sites. It is small but exquisitely poised on 50 foot high cliffs above the Caribbean. The city, a ceremonial and religious center, housed only important people like priests, noblemen and government officials.

The old city was built high above huge cliffs that face the sea. The other three sides of the city are walled by sixteen ft high walls with only three narrow entrances.

There are less than sixty partial buildings remaining. This is about one tenth of its size as when a thriving city. The ruins are not as well preserved as other archaeological sites, but none the less they are very impressive.

The most dominant structure, the Castle rising on its rocky prominence, just 50 ft above the foamy waters of the Caribbean.

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