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Cayman Islands are one of the most beautiful places you can hope to see in all your lifetime or at least it was for me. People are friendly, not this massive crowd of tourists and, for now, less italians than americans.The island is really seeable with a rented car, better with a SUZUKI and no roof on your head.Calm, nice places, green, beaches and villas that make you dream. The day started early, around 6 am you can really start to go on the beach for a walk, and to set your sun bed under a palm.The Seven Mile Beach is the longest, and the whitest beach.We went to a mall 2 blocks away for breakfast and was attended by the local white collars from banks.(Can I say that you can recognize bank empl. all over the world?). Taking the car and turn left from the Treasure Island Resort you could reach in 2- 3 miles the wonderful Governor Beach not too crowded by tourists but with one of the best spots in the Islands.There are cabins where you can leave your stuff and it's also pretty safe.
The guide suggested to visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden Park and we choose a afternoon to reach it and visit it. The weather was terribly hot and the path was under the sun.It's a mile long trail. There are 200 species of plants, a Blue Iguana. Probably the best season is in may and june for the blossom season. We had the day of our life when we decided to go with a boat of a local fisherman to see STINGRAYS and to swim with turtles. it was amazing, because the reef was really fullfilled by stingrays and we swom and snorkelled. It was my first time snorkelling and I enjoyed it a lot.I was exausted when we finished the cruise.But it was worth, I almost spent all the day in the water.We had lunch on a beach and the fisherman cooked for us a marinated conch (the local shell creature that is delicious) and he did it under our eyes.Honestly, the Paradise Island tour we did in the Bahamas was absolutely nothing compared to the one in Cayman Islands.
Georgetown is a place where the cruises stops and during the day is full of tourists, in the evening is really a desert. But it's safe.Shops...(expensive) and jewels, it's really worth if it's a rainy day...otherwise...enjoy the beaches.
For the joy of Brusa we went visiting the Turtle Farm where are kept over 12000 turtles.It's the only commercial turtle farm in the world.It's fun because you can cuddle them.It's in the West Bay area, full of old houses.There is the PINK House, built in 1912, has the traditional sand yard,raked every morning.Hell is a bizarre rock formation.We stopped by because there was a minimarket and the heat obliged us to stop for a drink. A cold one. We drove past the city of Savannah and we found the Pedro St. James Castle that was a old governor, or rich family typical home. It's the only stone structure left in Cayman Islands.The view is amazing and the whole building looks like the Robinson Crusoe home.
Our eating place was BIG DADDY in Seven Mile Shop West In Bay because was convenient and cheap and because food was very good. If we were lucky we found a table on the dehor, and the girls were very nice. Food was fresh, and their Conch soup was so great that I had soup almost every night and who knows me knows that I am not a soup person. Twice we changed, maybe 3 times but the best were:
Crow's Nest about 4 miles south of George Town, with a wonderful spot on the beach, eating on a patio with a view and the music of waves.I remember a good sweet corn bread served as appetizer.
Almond Tree where we ate in the garden. Good seafood, I remember king shrimps in coconut powder...happy atmosphere...fancy place.It's in North hurch street, walking distance from the Treasure Island. Lobster specials. As in all the "american's loved" caribbeans nighlife is not that massive as in Cuba or Santo Domingo but you are so exausted of all the sea and swimming that honestly we were in bed by 10 pm.

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