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July 7 2002

Hi Everyone,

Well it's been a while but I'll try and keep this one short.

The latest news is that I survived the typhoon that hit a couple of days ago. It was pretty anticlimactic as I was hoping for a good bit of disaster but it swerved off and travelled up the china sea losing steam all the way. We caught the edge of it and got some good wind and a little rain. typhoon = hurricane if you didn't know.

Other than that I've been making the tour of buddhist temples on my day off.Dogap-sa has been my favourite so far although Daehongsa has better shopping for trinkets. These are pretty beautiful areas. They are nestled in the mountains and have good hiking. Bloody mosquitoes are pretty bad now though so I haven't been braving the forest much.

I also hit the beach at Imjado which is an island about three hours from here by car and ferry. the water's clean enough and the beach is large, isolated and beautiful although there is the ubiquitous fishing garbage around. I made a foolish attempt at swimming to a nearby island through a VERY strong tidal current alone and got swept pretty far out of my way. I was foolish enough to make the attempt but not so foolish that I didn't drag along a large chunk of styrofoam from a crab net in case I exhausted myself in the attempt.

Step one: identify something you want to do
step two: identify that it's very foolish
step three: decide that you're going to do it anyway (I like a challenge)
step four: reduce the risk even if you still look like an idiot (like carrying around a beachball sized piece of styrofoam)
step five: exhaust yourself in attempting the ridiculous
step six: laugh hilariously at yourself and suck up the laughter of others

WEll thats my adventures these days.

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