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April 16 2002

Hi Gang,

I had a conversation with Peter and Ruth about how when I went to Korea it was time to start work in earnest after dallying about for the winter. It seems that that prediction has come true.

I stupidly left my knapsack in the trunk of a taxi cab when I went grocery shopping last Saturday. Contents included my only english novel, my cd player, some really good cds, two rental video tapes, nice headphones, and my DAYPLANNER with all of my addresses and phone numbers!!!!!! An expensive and inconvenient shopping trip to be sure.

Despite some efforts to get it back no one has come forward. The search is pretty much impossible since a great many of the cabs are independent and there are maybe a hundred of them. I can't really ask any of my Korean friends to phone every single cab in the phone book.

So everyone send me your address and phone number again please!

I actually had a double date with some Korean girls the other night which was fun in a juvenile sort of fashion. I was accompanied by my kiwi friend, Thomas and a korean friend of his who interpreted the difficult parts. We went to see the Time Machine and the girls were writhing in fear, I had to laugh.

They tittered charmingly most of the night but I was quite glad to leave them by the end of it.

One nice thing that night was that I was able to get some proper Korean food in me that I liked. They have a nice dish I quite like which is similar to a stir fry...kind of. They give you rice and a bunch of veggies with a hot sauce in a ten pound stone bowl. The bowl must be kept in a fire pit because it cooks the vegetables for you as you mix the whole mess around. Careful not to burn yourself and you get a really good meal.

They also have the Korean version of Gyoza here which is pretty damn good, perhaps better than the (Hons) Japanese version. The chinese version is even better tasting because it's deep fried until crunchy but the contents are pretty much the same as the Korean version. It's available in the supermarket frozen in the same manner as perogies (bulk) and I eat it from time to time.

My staple, though, is ramen noodles which I eat almost everyday. Ramen here isn't like the Mr Noodles variety except perhaps to look at. It's very good.

Actually the selection of ramen noodles is quite outstanding although I had some recomended to me in the beginning and I've basically stuck with that. It's a great snack food.

I've been taking pictures of my students and as soon as I finish the roll I'll send out pictures to everyone. I have no real vacation type snapshots yet so they aren't super interesting but they're a good bunch of kids.

Been to this destination?

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