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April 26 2002

Hi Gang,

The latest news from Korea is that the weather here has been almost as strange as I hear it has been in Ontario. Warm sunny days followed by very cold nights, as a general rule. We had some very high winds earlier this week that posed some hazards due to dust blowin' in the wind. It was very entertaining to watch the litter blow round. Still on the weather, we had a few days of rain earlier which has resulted in a rather dramatic greening of the mountains and surrounding area. It's only half as ugly now which is a relief. And the rice farmers seem to have stopped burning their fields because of it. The sense of living in a war zone is getting less intense.

I'm not sure if I mentioned before that the area I live in was actually a swamp four short years ago. The intensity of development is incredible here. Unfortunately the building standards are pretty lax too. 200 meters from my apartment are vacant lots and on the other side there are buildings for as far as the eye can see. Very strange...but I'm glad I live in a newer area as some of the older buildings seem a bit dodgy.

My infamous sense of adventure got me into a bit of trouble this week. Last Sunday I was rollerblading and decided to go into an area meant for tricks...steep ramps and various other obstacles for jumping around and what not. Of course I fell, fell hard enough that I thought I was going to be sick right there from pain (I was hung over too though). After a couple of days I had to go to the hospital for x-rays as the pain had subsided only slightly. Turns out I have compressed a disc or vertebrae or whatever. It's not serious but I'm supposed to take it easy for a while, take some pills and do some therapy sometime in the future. It's much better with the anti inflammatory drugs.

Of course my employer conveniently "forgot" to pay my health insurance but at least they pulled some strings and got me treated for less than normal. I was still on the hook for almost 50,000 Won, however.

It was payday today which made for a fun day. I made it to the bank and promptly sent some home to feed the wolves that are pobably scratching at the door. It's hard to hear from them out here and that's a good thing!!

Well I have to get out to the bars. A small posse of us are going out tonight!

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